Agrarian sector and sustainable supply of biomass

The Sucellog project, led by the Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption at Zaragoza University, aims to foster the participation of the agrarian sector in the sustainable supply of biomass in Europe. It seeks to draw on the synergies created between biofuel production and the agri-food sector, as the activity of this sector is seasonal and the agri-food industry facilities could thus be used in those periods to produce solid biofuels using the industry's waste.

The expected outcomes of this project are to obtain 4 new agro-industry logistic centres that provide direct technical support to 44 European agro-industries starting new agro-industry logistic centres and that provide over 1320 advice services to the agrarian sector. The different associations will also receive training thanks to 15 regional and 4 national skilled teams, which will carry out auditing and dissemination activities in Spain, France, Italy and Austria. Finally, 88 workshops and engagement events will be organised in participating countries to create awareness about opportunities for this sector and three manuals and two technical guides will be produce as project support.

Further information: Sucellog