Bionutrient and energy generation plant

La Albufera de Valencia has the fist bio-nutrient and energy generating plant thanks to this scheme in the EU Life Programme. This project seeks to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from growing rice.  It also seeks to save water and fertilizers as the technology applied also recovers the waste and by-products to turn them into bio-nutrients.The project is led by the Andalusian Institute of Technology (IAT) and with the participation of the Ainia technology centre, Ludan, the renewable energy company, Citagro - the Agri-food Innovation and Technology Centre and Ctaer - the Renewable Energy Advanced Technology Centre.

The environmental goals of the Sostrice Life Project are, on the one hand, to cut greenhouse gas emissions in rice farming, reduce the use of water, energy and fertilisers, and cut the carbon footpring by means of environmental best practices. One the other hand, the technical goals are to optimise the rice harvest methods and irrigation methods from the environmental perspective, according to the quality of the water used, the soil conditions and the organic matter content after the harvest.

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