What is involved?

ConsisteThe agrifood sector in the Basque Country currently generates around 4 million tonnes of organic by-products and waste.  Agrifood by-products vary widely in nature, but they are characterised by their high organic content.  Managing the by-products as waste is a difficult and expensive task; also, due to their high nutrient content, classifying and managing them as such entails losing a raw material which could be put to valuable use elsewhere.

The GISWASTE Life project offers an IT tool which assists users in choosing the option which makes best use of vegetable, meat, and dairy by-products from the agrifood sector, rather than treating them as waste products.

In addition to the environmental benefits, there are also economic benefits associated with the creation of a new sub-sector which will give rise to the creation of new firms specialising in waste management and recovery.

This project focuses on recovery alternatives in two specific areas: the generation of biogas and animal feed production.

This project aims to propose viable recovery alternatives for at least 70% of agrifood by-products in the Basque Autonomous Community.

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