Expected results

  1. Key factors (at least 5 for each recovery option), both economic and technical/environmental, which determine the viability of the chief recovery alternatives for the agrifood by-products: animal feed and biogas.
  2. An index which weights the key viability factors for each recovery option (1 for each option),to establish which factors are the greatest determinants of the viability of each of the options.    
  3. Ensuring that the information pertaining to the generation of by-products in the Basque Autonomous Community is unified and up-to-date, so that it is available and accessible both for the firms that generate the by-products and the Basque Administration.     
  4. At least 3 maps in GIS format which will include quantified information for each viability factor associated with each recovery option, as well as the geographical component associated with each by-product.  A map for each type of by-product (vegetables, meat, and dairy products).
  5. 1 validated software for analysing viability and proposing the location of plants.


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