IhobeThe LKS group is one of the most important leaders in the professional services sector. It has almost 1,050 members of staff and it generates an annual turnover of around 70 million euros. It is part of MONDRAGON, the leading Basque business group and the seventh in Spain.


The LKS Group is made up of several cooperatives and over a dozen associate companies of different legal forms, maintaining a path of permanent expansion and sustained growth and a philosophy based on human and social values.

In addition to its natural spread across the Basque Country, development in recent years has strengthened its presence in Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia, Aragón, Cantabria, Navarre, Castilla La Mancha and La Rioja, and in other regions. Furthermore, LKS' activity in the international market has made it possible for it to establish itself in France, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, India and China.

The areas of LKS Ingeniería's work are architecture, engineering, urban design, consultancy, real estate, design and innovation and specialised services.

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