Ihobe - Basque Government


IhobeIhobe is the Public Environmental Management Company, which belongs to the  Basque Government's Department of the Environment. Ihobe’s mission is to support the Basque Government in developing environmental policy and spreading the culture of sustainability in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.

Ihobe’s activities provide services in the fields of air, soils, waste, the natural environment and companies. It also assists the Environment Office in developing strategic projects involving different organisations, and in projects related to ecodesign, environmental planning, climate change, international cooperation and responsible procurement.


In order to do so it:

  • Drives the production and spreading of environmental knowledge.
  • Cooperates with companies, public authorities and citizens
  • Contributes and participates actively in improving the environment.
  • Shares knowledge and resources, based on excellence and social responsibility

Specifically, Ihobe develops and manages practical environmental knowledge, develops environmental policy instruments and implements them through specific services and networks.

Further information: Ihobe