The 2nd external annual follow-up meeting for Life GISWASTE project was held in the headquarters of AZTI-Tecnalia in Derio, Bizkaia, last 23 March, with the delegate of NEEMO by the European Commission and the other project partners: LKS, Geograma and Ihobe-Basque Government. During the meeting, the technical advances made over… Read more... »
Scientists from the University of Granada and from the University of Campinas, in Brazil, have managed to produce a more effective biodiesel using a mixture of used fried, palm and fish oils. The paper, which has analysed thirteen different combinations with different oils, has been published in the Fuel Processing… Read more... »
On 5 March, the Life GISWASTE technical team met with Aclima, the Basque Country’s environmental cluster.It is mainly made up of private companies, mostly from the industrial and service sector, along with institutional partners and from the world of knowledge. In addiction, on 9 March, a video conference was held… Read more... »
Azti and Neiker have developed new food prototypes using whey produced by cheese-making dairies, which allows a commercial outlet to be provided for milk derivatives that have so far been treated as waste. The prototypes have been designed as part of the Valorlact project, funded by the European Commission's Life… Read more... »
The Life+ WOGAnMBR project has just received the go ahead. It approaches the treatment of industrial wastewater with high concentrations of complex organic matter.This water is, often, generated by food and beverages industries. Specifically, the European Life+ WOGAnMBR project is focused on the problems of oils and fats, which are… Read more... »