A British website sells food approaching its best-before date. That site is Approved Food, an online store that sells discounted food that is approaching or past its best-before date. The people behind this scheme estimate that it has saved 3.6 million items from going to landfill since it was launched… Read more... »
AZTI-Tecnalia, the Life GISWASTE project coordinator, will be taking part in the “From waste to energy” international conference that will take place in Bilbao on 2 to 3 June, as part of the Coolsweep European project. The Life GISWASTE team will give an oral presentation of the project, whose aim… Read more... »
The Packaging, Transport and Logistics Technology Institute (ITENE) has unveiled its latest advances in packaging technology. Apart from improving the properties of the fresh products, they are capable of lengthening their shelf life. One of the projects presented was Easyfruit, active packaging that lengthens the shelf life of peeled fruit… Read more... »
From 1 May to 14 July, the Milan Universal Exhibition will host Futurotextiles, an exhibition of designs made by the textile industry using fibres obtained from by-products from the agri-food sector. Waste from food such as oranges, lemons, pineapples, bananas, seaweed, mushrooms, coffee, rice, soya, corn or beetroots, along with… Read more... »
Researchers from the CSIC and from the University of Granada have published a study that assesses the biological properties of the by-products from the coffee industry, such as coffee grounds and husks. They conclude that that food waste, which is currently thrown away, has 500 times the antioxidant power of… Read more... »
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