FuturENVIRO, the journal of environmental projects, technology and news, has published a technical article on LifeGISWASTE, the European project.The article considers the computer tool proposed by the project to use up to 70% of dairy, meat and vegetable waste.This is possible thanks to the involvement of Geograma, LKS and Ihobe… Read more... »
The technical team of the Life GISWASTE project will present a scientific poster at the “Biorefinery for Food, Fuels and Materials 2015” symposium to be held in Montpellier (France) from 15 to 17 June. This international symposium on biorefinery for food, fuels and materials will address the question of how… Read more... »
AZTI-Tecnalia technicians met with the LIFE WOGAnMBR project managers and Intertek Ibérica Spain representatives in order to continue to expand the LIFE GISWASTE cooperation network at the Brokerage event.This event was held at the “From waste to energy” international conference, organised by ACLIMA and the other partners of the European… Read more... »
Mexican scientists are working on a process to recover grape waste produced by the wine-making industry and develop an extract rich in phenolic compounds, with great antioxidant properties, that could have medical and cosmetic applications. The procedure is performed at under 20 degrees to maintain the stability of the phenolic… Read more... »
The Life Savecrops project, run by Extremeña de Abonos Life and the National Agri-Food Technology Centre in Extremadura - CTAEX, is working on creating a biocide using agricultural waste and whey that will allow pests to be controlled in crops. The tests have so far been conducted with tomato and… Read more... »
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