Tecnalia is organising the "Will Waste be Your Next Source of Income?Sustainable Bio-products from By-products” seminar at the Basque Contemporary Art Museum – ARTIUM in Vitoria Gasteiz on 3 November 2015.The event is being held in the framework of the environmental policies that the Basque capital has set out in… Read more... »
During October, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) is organising the ‘Utilization of Food Loss and Waste as well as Non-Food Parts as Livestock Feed’, as part of the “Save Food” initiative. The 30-day conference started on Thursday 1 October and aims to develop a framework… Read more... »
On 13 October, “Food for Life: Less waste.More Quality and Sustainability”, an event organised as part of the NOSHAN project, was held in Madrid.The event programme focused on ways to use food to improve quality of life, by means of cutting waste, promoting the production of traditional foods and improving… Read more... »
Geograma (Álava), a partner company of the Geograma Life+ project to use dairy, meat and vegetable by-products, unveiled the first pilot schemes using GIS information systems to set up routes to collect those waste fractions to the project's other partners, AZTI-Tecnalia, LKS and Ihobe, the publicly-owned company of the Basque… Read more... »
The BIN2GRID European project aims to recover biowaste through separate collection, convert it into biomethane to be used through local filling station.The project, headed by the IAT technology centre, in collaboration with LIMASA (Malaga municipal cleaning company), is part of the Horizon 2020 programme. BIN2GRID seeks to promote the separate… Read more... »
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