On 26 April, the PPI4Waste International Workshop on Innovative Waste Solution will be held in Bilbao. The Life GISWASTE project will be at the workshop organised as part of the 8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns. The AZTI-Tecnalia team will be taking part in the PPI4Waste International Workshop… Read more... »
On Monday 22 February, the 1st LIFE GISWASTE Project Expert Panel was held at the premises of IHOBE, the Publicly-Owned Environmental Company of the Basque Government, in Bilbao.The event, which sought to validate the GIS tool, was attended by AZTI-Tecnalia, Geograma and Ihobe, the partners of the project, along with… Read more... »
The LIFE GISWASTE project has convened the private and public stakeholders of the Basque Country’s farming and livestock sector to present the first version of the GIS tool for decision making in waste recovery and note their contributions to implement them in the final version of the tool.The session will… Read more... »
The Life GISWASTE project, headed by the Basque consortium comprising AZTI-Tecnalia, Geograma, LKS and Ihobe, the Publicly-run Environmental Management Company, has been up and running for 2 years and will unveil the demo of the GIS tool to the agri-food sector, waste management and public administrations in 2016. As part… Read more... »
Considered to be one of the main GIS technology events in Spain, the ESRI 2015 conference, entitled “Digital Transformation and WebGIS: an integrating view”, was held in Madrid on 4 and 5 November. The ESRI Spain Conference is the largest GIS event that is currently held. The meeting brings together… Read more... »
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