The VI Inventions Fair debuts a biogas motorbike

01 Jul, 2015
The VI Inventions Fair debuts a biogas motorbike Image: Energías Renovables

Eco-motorbike only fuelled by biogas.This has been the initiative showcased by students at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV – Technical University of Valencia), at its VI Inventions Fair.Work began on the eco-motorbike concept in 2011 as part of the Spontaneous Generation Programme.  The concept is always present as it incorporates the development of biodegradable components such as basalt fibre and BIOepoxi resin, making it lighter, rigid and protecting the environment.

Its main characteristic is its design, as it isa competition motorbike.This is its big difference with the Toliet Bike Neo, a motorbike that is also fuelled by biogas from human waste, unveiled in 2011 by Toto, the Japanese household sanitary ware company.Pakistan is also working on projects of this type, but on a more domestic scale.

Further information: Energías Renovables 

Last modified on Friday, 09 October 2015