Granxis, GIS tool for setting up farms in Lalin (Galicia)

26 Apr, 2017

The residents of Lalin in Galicia can discover, locate and pinpoint the plots that are suitable for setting up farms thanks to the Granxis GIS tool. Lalín is one of the largest towns in Galicia where the livestock sector flourishes. As is the case of the majority of Galician municipalities, Lalín's population centres are very scattered, which considerably limits the setting up of new farms, particularly farms without a territorial basis.

According to TYS Magazine, the amendment to the Galician Land Act (Act 2/2016) cutting the space required between farms from 1000 to 5000 has allowed the municipality to greatly increase the surface area on which farms can be set up. The municipality of Lalín also has specific characteristics, such as allowing farms with a territorial basis (cattle farming) at 50 metres due to an adapted specific amendment of the Galician Land Act (100 m legally required in Galicia). The amendment of that legislation has been used to introduce a GIS visor that allows suitable plots for setting up new farms to be pinpointed.

The tool, developed by Tysgal Consultores, allows anybody interested in setting up a farm in Lalín municipal area to have an idea of which plots can accommodate that holding. The GIS visor therefore includes the cadastral layer, the PNOA orthophotos, the Natura network and the implication of the Police zone (Rivers). An open code GIS programme has also been configured so that the local council can add new holdings and other data of interest.

Source: TysMagazine

Last modified on Wednesday, 26 April 2017