The European LIFE GISWASTE project, lead by AZTI in conjunction with LKS, the engineering firm, Geograma and Ihobe, has come to an end with the development of a software tool. Combining Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and multi-criteria decision methodologies, the tool facilitates decision-making regarding the recovery and reuse of agri-food… Read more... »
On 1 June, AZTI and LKS, partner companies of the European LIFE GISWASTE project, showcased the benefits of the GISWASTE tool at the "Dialogues on the Circular Economy" seminar. The event was held at the LKS premises in Mondragón (Gipuzkoa) to learn about and share circular economy projects and experiences… Read more... »
AZTI, a leader of the European LIFE GISWASTE project, showcased its advances at the I Symposium of Environmental Managers of the Food Industry at the University of Burgos on 17 May. The Symposium, which was attended by the sector's managers, was organised as part of the LIFE+ WOGAnMBR project in… Read more... »
The GISWASTE project, which got underway in 2013, is coming to an end. Its partner entities will therefore hold feedback sessions with the main stakeholders of the sector on the benefits offered by the tool designed to assess the economic, environmental and technical viability of the geographic implementation of agri-food… Read more... »
The residents of Lalin in Galicia can discover, locate and pinpoint the plots that are suitable for setting up farms thanks to the Granxis GIS tool. Lalín is one of the largest towns in Galicia where the livestock sector flourishes. As is the case of the majority of Galician municipalities,… Read more... »
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