GISWASTE provides a management solution for agri-food waste

26 Oct, 2017

The European LIFE GISWASTE project, lead by AZTI in conjunction with LKS, the engineering firm, Geograma and Ihobe, has come to an end with the development of a software tool. Combining Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and multi-criteria decision methodologies, the tool facilitates decision-making regarding the recovery and reuse of agri-food by-products instead of directly processing them as waste.

The GISWASTE tool developed in the framework of this European project aims to provide viable management solutions for the nearly 4 million tons of organic by-products currently generated by the European agri-food sector. The demonstration test of the tool developed was conducted with meat, dairy and vegetable by-products generated in the Basque Country. However, it is envisaged that the tool can be extrapolated to any European region with a similar problem.

Public administrations and organisations of the agri-food sector, such as producers, waste managers, consultants or engineering firms specialising in the environment, can from now on benefit from using the GISWASTE tool to decide whether to recover and reuse dairy, meant and vegetable waste by means of generating biogas or producing animal feed.

Entities using this tool will be able to access, among other products, an updated and reliable database with all the meat, dairy and vegetable by-products generated by the Basque food industry, a list of environmental, economic, geographic and technical factors associated to the feasibility of animal feed plant, or a biogas plant, along with technical feasibility reports on the generation points, on the optimum location of the plant and optimising the logistic routes for collecting the by-products. The tool also includes an annual balance sheet for the plant and financial study, and a report calculating the environmental impacts of the project (water and carbon footprint and water eutrophication).

LIFE GISWASTE project partners

AZTI is an expert technology centre in food and marine research, committed to the economic and social development of the fishing sector and marine industry, and the food sector. It is endorsed by its 30 years' experience and has worked on over 2,000 projects with public institutions and companies, and is currently leading 30 European projects. Geograma is a group of companies specialised in gathering, supplying, processing and managing Geo-information to help to optimise processes to manage and support decision-making in the private and public sphere. Geograma offers specialised services and adapted solutions to such disperse sectors as mobile telephony, banking, engineering and the public sector.
The LKS group is one of the leading players of the professional services sector, specialised in infrastructure consultancy. It is part of MONDRAGON, the leading Basque business group and the seventh in Spain, and consisting of several cooperative companies and over a dozen investee companies with different legal statuses. LKS Ingeniería works in the fields of architecture, engineering, urban development, real estate consultancy, design and innovation, and specialist services.

Ihobe is the environmental management agency attached to the Basque Government's Ministry of the Environmental, Territorial Planning and Housing. Ihobe's purpose is to help the Basque Government to enable environmental policy and to spread the sustainability culture in the Basque Autonomous Community.

Last modified on Friday, 27 October 2017